Injury Rehabilitation

Injury Rehabilitation: Intervention and Prevention

Work safe and live well

Despite the best efforts of employers and workers, New South Wales has an average of 100,000 workplace injuries per annum. Although the risk of injuries can be dramatically reduced with OH&S procedures, some injuries are unavoidable.

At Work OH&S is a SIRA and Comcare accredited workplace rehabilitation provider. Our integrated services are tailored to each unique situation to assist injured workers return to safe and sustainable employment as soon as possible.

Workplace Injury

What is workplace injury rehabilitation?

A worker is protected by workers compensation insurance should an injury occur while in the workplace. Work-related injuries are not just limited to physical but also include psychological injury which can result from environmental, organisational or individual factors that lead to stress, trauma or depression.

The cost of rehabilitation is covered under the employer’s workers compensation policy. As well as providing a weekly benefit, this protection also assists the injured worker with the cost of medical and rehabilitation expenses that are needed to support a healthy and safe return to work.

It's your choice

Not all rehabilitation providers are the same. The first step towards workplace health is to make sure you engage a rehabilitation provider that you are comfortable with to help guide you through the process and invest in the outcome.


We recommend that employers engage the services of a provider who they are confident will support them, implement preventative and supportive measures and protect their business’s greatest asset– their workers.


Although workers may be referred to a rehabilitation provider at the start of a claim, it is important to know that the ultimate choice rests with the individual worker. At any stage of the claim, a worker can request to change, or choose, their own provider to partner with.

Medical Providers

Medical providers play a critical role in caring for injured workers and ensuring their medical needs are carefully integrated into their rehabilitation plans. Doctors can recommend preferred rehabilitation providers to their patients who they feel will support their medical advice and a sustainable return to work plan.

Workplace Injury Rehabilitation

Partner with At Work OH & S

Partner with At Work OH&S

We guarantee ease of access, efficient timing and desired outcomes that are sustainable and cost-effective.

At Work OH&S are committed to providing integrated and personal support to all parties involved in the rehabilitation process. We value the uniqueness of each claim and take a hands-on approach to every situation and need.

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No matter what role you play in a workplace rehabilitation claim we are here to deliver exceptional workplace rehabilitation solutions for you.

We accept self-referrals, as well as employers, medical providers and insurers.

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