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Workplace Injury Rehabilitation: Intervention and Prevention

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Despite the best efforts of employers and workers, New South Wales has an average of 100,000 workplace injuries per annum. Although the risk of injuries can be dramatically reduced with OH&S procedures, some injuries are unavoidable.

At Work OH&S is a SIRA and Comcare accredited workplace rehabilitation provider. We have been helping employers and workers with their return-to-work process for over 20 years. Our integrated services are tailored to each unique situation to assist injured workers return to safe and sustainable employment as soon as possible.

Workplace Injury

Physiotherapist - working with a client

Our goal is to support both the employer and the worker as much as we can to achieve the best outcomes for everyone involved in workplace rehabilitation. We aspire to be industry leaders in injury management, workplace rehabilitation, health and personal wellbeing. Our aim is to provide unique and holistic services that support the whole person to be successful, at work and beyond.

At Work OH&S is for people who don’t want to get lost in the system, we strive to provide you with a dedicated staff member who will remain with you throughout your claim experience.

This allows you to get back to your regular schedule in the safest, quickest, most cost-effective way possible whether you’re an employer or a worker.

Our commitment is to support our community. When it comes to workplace rehabilitation – we are passionate about supporting and guiding you to wellness both psychological and physical.

What is workplace injury rehabilitation?

A worker is protected by workers compensation insurance should an injury occur while in the workplace. Work-related injuries are not just limited to physical but also include psychological injury which can result from environmental, organisational or individual factors that lead to stress, trauma or depression.

The cost of rehabilitation is covered under the employer’s workers compensation policy. As well as providing a weekly benefit, this protection also assists the injured worker with the cost of medical and rehabilitation expenses that are needed to support a healthy and safe return to work.

It's your choice

Not all rehabilitation providers are the same. The first step towards workplace health is to make sure you engage a rehabilitation provider that you are comfortable with to help guide you through the process.


We recommend that employers engage the services of a provider who they are confident will support them, implement preventative and supportive measures and protect their business’s greatest asset– their workers.


Although workers may be referred to a rehabilitation provider at the start of a claim, it is important to know that the ultimate choice rests with the individual worker. At any stage of the claim, a worker can request to change, or choose their own provider to partner with.

Medical Providers

Medical providers play a critical role in caring for injured workers and ensuring their medical needs are carefully integrated into their rehabilitation plans. Doctors can recommend preferred rehabilitation providers to their patients who they feel will support their medical advice and a sustainable return to work plan.

Workplace Injury Rehabilitation

Partner with us

Partner with At Work OH&S

We guarantee ease of access, efficient timing and desired outcomes that are sustainable and cost-effective.

At Work OH&S are committed to providing integrated and personal support to all parties involved in the rehabilitation process. We value the uniqueness of each claim and take a hands-on approach to every situation and need.

Case Management

At Work OH&S provides case management for all types of workplace injuries. We utilise a multidisciplinary process to ensure that every aspect of your workplace injury is resolved in the back-to-work effort. We are committed to communicating closely with everyone involved in the rehabilitation journey to be sure everything runs smoothly.

We provide case management for injured workers in scenarios where they intend to return to the same employer and, for those who need to find a new employer.

Returning to Current Employer – accomplished by

  • High levels of communication
  • Gradual return to work plan
  • Modified duties or a new position if unable to return to previous duties

Finding a New Employer – accomplished by

  • Assistance in finding alternate work
  • Vocational re-training
  • Job search assistance

Your rehabilitation counsellor will:

  • Make a comprehensive assessment
  • Create a recovery plan (working with the injured person, employer and the treating Doctor/s)
  • Offer education on the benefits and process of recovery and return to work
  • Communicate with all involved in return-to-work process

There may be an opportunity for you to choose your own rehabilitation provider. Your rehabilitation counsellor will be able to help you find out what your best option is going to be.

When working with our clients on workplace rehabilitation our goal is to ensure a safe return to work while making the process work for all parties involved.

Occupational Therapist - helping a client who was injured on the job

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No matter what role you play in a workplace rehabilitation claim we are here to deliver exceptional workplace rehabilitation solutions for you.

We accept self-referrals, as well as employers, medical providers and insurers.

To start your journey with us please complete the referral form below, or contact us on 02 4721 5098 to talk to us about your situation and needs.

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