Workplace Assessments

Workplace Assessments

Work safe and live well

Each year, it is estimated that work-related injuries in Australia cost in excess of $60 billion, with a significant amount of this cost directly impacting the community in which we live and work. We can help you with your workplace assessments.

Fortunately, many of these injuries are preventable or able to be significantly reduced through early intervention assessments and programs.

At Work OH&S are passionate to support our community to identify potential risks, and design and implement measures to promote the health, safety and wellbeing risk of our local workforce. Our highly experienced staff provide customised assessments to suit all your workplace needs.

Workplace Rehabilitation and Injury Management

Direct and personal management of complex claims for physical and psychological injuries.

Exploration of an individual’s injury by consulting with the injured worker, healthcare provider/s and employer to assess return to work decisions.

A physical and/or psychological assessment to measure an individual’s capacity to manage work-related demands or assess suitable duties.

An onsite assessment to evaluate the requirements of an individual’s duties against their physical and psychological ability.

A proactive and intervening assessment that ensures optimal workstations in order to enhance the wellbeing of individuals and their productivity and reduce the risk of injury.

An in-residence assessment to determine an individual’s level of capability to perform self-care, household activities and general daily living needs.

Support flexible work arrangements that enhance the wellbeing of individuals and their productivity and reduce the risk of injury.

Psychological support for employees who have experienced a severe workplace event that has resulted in extreme distress or trauma.

An assessment to understand psychological symptoms, issues and barriers in order to identify return to work requirements. Methods and systems are developed to support the individual and/or employer with recovery and sustainable return to work.

New Employer Services (job seeking)

A face-to-face assessment to identify future employment options that align with an individual's work capacity and transferable skills, and identify potential training opportunities.

An assessment to identify transferable education and work experience skills for alternative positions to suit work capacity.

Comprehensive research to identify current labour market opportunities that align with work capacity. This analysis provides insight into additional training requirements and possible remuneration.

Assisting injured workers to seek new employment opportunities and develop key competencies for independent job seeking. One-on-one tailored services to identify and apply for relevant positions and interview coaching.

A WorkCover NSW initiative that provides work-based opportunities for an injured worker (‘trainee’) to upgrade their physical and psychological capacity for work and/or develop marketable skills, it can also be used for an employer as a trial prior to engaging the injured worker in paid employment ensuring their suitability to the role

Prevention Training

We work directly with employers to identify day-to-day tasks that pose a risk of injury to staff. Together we customise practical and theoretical training for your workplace to provide participants with a confidence to fulfil their duties safely and efficiently.

Our ergonomic training will equip you to protect the wellbeing and productivty of your staff in the most simple and practical way. Our qualified staff  will provide interactive training to equip your staff to optimise their workstation and ensure they are working in a safe and effective efficient environment.

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