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Workforce change is a regular part of the ins and outs of daily business, especially in today’s job market. These changes will affect almost everyone at some point in their career. This is where the need for outplacement services is increased as it offers employers an option to provide further support to employees.

Outplacement Services – What is it?

Outplacement services are not required to be provided by employers, but it is a great way to assist employees to move forward with any changes positively and go on to new opportunities. By offering outplacement services and support, it provides a strong indication of companies who deeply care about the way their brand is perceived as an employer and workplace morale.

The outworking of outplacement services looks like sessions being one-to-one or a group workshop, this is dependent on the program your employer has selected. Here at At Work OH&S we will work alongside you to maximize the value of outplacement services and support whilst also assisting in helping you move forward positively and quickly to an exciting new role.

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What do you need to know about Outplacement Services?

Outplacement services and programs are specifically designed to provide you with the practical support you need during your potential career transition. Assistance could look like:

  • Building an effective resume that sells your achievements and experiences
  • Develop powerful applications and recruiter introduction letters
  • Identify potential new directions for your future
  • Work through interview training
  • Analyse market information to find employment opportunities
  • Create a strategic job search plan
  • Develop relevant relationships with recruiters and other job search allies
  • Building your professional brand and industry credibility
  • Learn about LinkedIn and how to effectively use it for job searching
  • Assess potential employment offers

Will Outplacement Services be Effective for me?

It is also important to remember that outplacement services are fully paid for by the employer, not you! All these assistance steps are readily available to you for free as it will be funded by the company. Additionally, all participant information is completely confidential. This allows you to be open and share your experience with the company and what your future looks like.

Outplacement Services & Career Coaches?

Remember that outplacement services and career coaches are different from recruiters. We don’t specifically find you a job, rather we will pass on opportunities or leads we hear about that may be what you are looking for. Similarly, we are not affiliated with recruitment agencies, rather we are working with you to find the best recruiters to meet your workplace needs.

Are all Outplacement Services the same?

Today’s outplacement services look very different to how they have looked previously. Programs can be highly practical and flexible. You can choose to work with a coach through online options (zoom calls, phone calls or even email) or we can work together in person.

We will adjust the program in a way that best suits your needs and that includes the range of specialists you need to be able to fulfill the criteria relevant for finding a new job.

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It is important to remember that we deeply care about you and your future. We will do the best we can to help you during the transition period to your next role.

Our comprehensive outplacement services offer you exciting employment opportunities. To find out more, our friendly team would love to have a conversation with you today.

Subjects for Outplacement Services & Career Transitions?

There can be many areas based around outplacement services & transitioning careers. It is also important to understand what can be provided for you in your situation to have ultimate success in your replacement or new role.

Career Transitions

Outplacement training sessions can be provided on these potential subjects:

  • How to plan your job hunt strategy
  • How to identify which positions you want to apply for
  • Tips for moving on from a redundancy or retrenchment
  • How to identify what positions will suit you
  • How to tailor your cover letter to a specific role
  • How to search in today’s recruitment market using multimedia tools
  • How to complete a resume
  • Understanding what information is essential to your resume
  • Top tips for interview success
  • How to predict what type of interview questions you will be asked using a role description
  • What types of questions you should ask in an interview
  • How to present yourself at an interview
  • What to take into an interview
  • Who you should consider putting forward as a suitable reference

Additionally, there are many practical services that we can provide to help with your career transition. These include things like resume review and advice, cover letter / job application review, how to maximize the use of LinkedIn, interview skills, job search techniques, pre and post interview support and how to negotiate your remuneration. These skills are imperative to the success of having a great work life that is going to sustain you throughout your career.

Overall, engaging in outplacement services during any potential career transition is important when you may be considering what your working life looks like next. We believe that by setting you up at the beginning, before any transition happens, you can step into a new job and career as the best version of yourself.

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